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SOLD! $2000! WWI US Experimental Shinkle Hand Grenade

Updated: Mar 17

Item Description: Serrated round-bodied fragmentation hand grenade.

Type Designator/Model: Shinkle

Cal./Size: 2 ¾-inches in diameter and 3 ¼-inches high

Color: Unpainted Manufacturer: Unknown. Country of Origin: United States

Long Description: A prototype hand grenade developed by Edward Marsh Shinkle during WWI. It had an impact fuse and was made in limited quantities. This example is complete except for the wire carry loop, but 99.9% of these are missing that, and the extra-long fuse safety pull pin. It has a wraparound fuse safety handle that covers the filler hole of the grenade. There are no markings present.

This sold for over $2000 in the March 16, 2024, Jim Geibel Ordnance Auction.

The WWI US Experimental Shinkle Hand Grenade is a fascinating piece of military history, and its story sheds light on the innovative minds behind weaponry during World War I.

The Shinkle Hand Grenade was a prototype developed by Major Edward Marsh Shinkle during WWI. Unlike more widely known grenades, the Shinkle grenade remains a unique and lesser-known artifact.


  • Type Designator/Model: Shinkle

  • Caliber/Size: Approximately 2 ¾ inches in diameter and 3 ¼ inches high.

  • Color: Unpainted

  • Country of Origin: United States

Key Features:

  • Impact Fuze: The Shinkle grenade featured an impact fuze, which triggered the explosion upon impact with a surface.

  • Limited Production: These grenades were made in limited quantities, making them rare and historically significant.

  • Missing Components: While this example is complete, it lacks the wire carry loop (a common missing feature) and the extra-long fuze safety pull pin.

  • Wrap-Around Fuze Safety Handle: The grenade has a unique wrap-around fuze safety handle that covers the filler hole.

  • No Markings: Interestingly, there are no visible markings on the grenade.

Edward Marsh Shinkle:

  • Major Edward Marsh Shinkle, stationed at the Frankford Arsenal in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, conceived the idea for this grenade.

  • His vision was to create a simple yet effective hand grenade for trench warfare.

Historical Significance:

  • The Shinkle grenade represents an era of experimentation and innovation in military technology.

  • Its impact fuze design aimed for simplicity and reliability, although practical challenges arose during field use.

In summary, the Shinkle Hand Grenade stands as a testament to the ingenuity of its inventor and the complexities faced by those developing weapons during wartime. Owning such a rare piece connects us directly to the past, where creativity met the demands of battlefields.


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