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Our auction house is entrusted by consignors and collectible experts worldwide.

Our experienced staff has over 100 years of combined knowledge and experience.

Over 5 decades of collection evaluation, buying, and selling vintage Americana, rare antiques, and items of historical significance.

What Our Customers Have to Say

average rating is 5 out of 5

Effortless … in a Good way
Great auction. So easy to participate prior or during. Shipping was expensive as normal, but execution was worth it.

Gary Rubin

average rating is 5 out of 5

Good doing business with
Comfortable doing business again with

Paul Goriansky

average rating is 5 out of 5

Fast, efficient service
An easy, smooth transaction with everything taken care of eg selling, paperwork, packing and shipping to your door!

James Niven

average rating is 5 out of 5

Description is spot on, Bid with confidence.
Great to deal with!

Rob Botzenhart

average rating is 5 out of 5

Thanks Randy & Mike & your team for making my purchase so enjoyable!
I was the winning bidder on the “Large Pulley Operated Zoetrope and Phenakistoscope” September 9, 2023. Yesterday, September 29th I received my beautiful prize and I could not be happier. The packing was excellent. Everything was carefully wrapped in “large bubble” bubble wrap and nested tightly in crunched paper. The large cardboard box had an extra layer of cardboard lining the inside wall of the box. A shipper could have walked on it or dropped it off the back of the truck and it still would have survived. The photos in the listing were bright and clear and the description was just enough so I could be confident in what I was bidding on. The estimated value was $400-$600. When I saw the listing it felt like I already owned it. I was going to go up to $800.00, but as often happens someone else wanted it too, so I ended up with a $1, 200.00 winning bid. This is my third time winning a bid through, so I knew what to expect with the fees: Buyer’s Premium $276.00, Processing fee $59.75, Sales tax 110.70 and Shipping/packing/insurance a very reasonable $130.20: for a Grand Total of $1, 776.65. I know that is $576.65 more than the hammer price, but when I look at the big picture it is worth it to me. For 21 years in a row I attended the wonderful Antique Phonograph Convention at Donley’s Wild West Museum & Theme Park. Randy and Mike worked very hard to make sure everyone had a great time. When I came home from the show with a purchase I rarely thought about what the cost of hotels, meals & gas added to the cost of what I bought, it was just part of how the game is played... All the fees are just a part of how the auction game is now played. By the way, I guessed there would be about 12 to 20 “image strips” included in the purchase, but when I separated them all out from the curled roll I actually have 52! Thanks Randy and Mike and your team for making my purchase so enjoyable!

Mike Ellingson

average rating is 5 out of 5

You guys were excellent. Susan answered me with lightning speed, reassured me that my package was getting packed up and out ASAP, and even mentioned she'd try to get me moved up in the queue. Small team, but to me that always means more thoughtful to their clientele! Thank you!

AJ Carapella

average rating is 5 out of 5

This house is my Number 1
The Donley family and there staff run one of the best Auctions house in the country. Warm and Friendly host and reliable. Count on them to deliver and meet your expectations. Need I say more?

Steven Krams

average rating is 5 out of 5

So pleased with the entire auction experience here. The fan was even better than described. The shipping was way better than other auctions and best of all the fan was securely packed with crumpled paper and there wasn’t any of those completely nasty messy packing peanuts which I loathe. All auctioneers should learn from them. The staff in the office are wonderful too and so patient and kind. Thank you so much! ❤ ️ 💕 ❤ ️


The Mission

We take pride in providing an excellent experience to consignors and collectors, preserving and presenting the relics of our past with integrity and forward-thinking innovation.

We continue to develop & maintain enriching & long-lasting bonds with our consignors, collectors, & our community.

The most priceless treasures are the memories we make.

The Team

Randy Donley, Owner of Donley Auctions

Randy Donley

Owner · Appraiser · Auctioneer

Susan Hagerty, Owner of Donley Auctions

Susan Hagerty

Owner · Auction Manager

Wilson Greg.jpg

Greg Wilson


Front Office

Lyons Eileen

Eileen Lyons

Office Manager

Mosier Lillian.jpg

Lillian Mosier



Lisa McGuire


Full-Time Staff



the Auction Dog · Model

Eagan Nate.jpg

Nate Eagan


Luth Brett.jpg
we hire veterans

Brett Luth

Operations Manager

Jim Obos

Jim Obos

Photography Manager

Boyle Ryan.jpg

Ryan Boyle


Graddy Karin

Karin Graddy

Marketing Manager

Kaspar Michele.jpg

Michele Kaspar

Shipping Manager

Jenni Swiatek

Jenni Swiatek

Auction Manager

Mike Donley

Mike Donley

Consignment Specialist

Lueders Neal.jpg

Neal Lueders

Firearms Expert


Brian Mapes


Teppen Justin.jpg

Justin Teppen


Part-Time Staff

Ron Garrity

Ron Garrity

Bayonet Expert

Obos Becky

Becky Obos


Ashley Mikkelson-Lueders

Ashley Mikkelson-Lueders


Wooten Roger.jpg

Roger Wooten


David Hilpp

Military Expert

Trevor Bruski


Matthew Burley 

Anthony Bratko

Jolie Tomasello

Jesse Bleemel
Art Expert

Brad Dodds
Project Manager

Nick Walter

Wayne Grossich

Joey O'Brien

Auction Advisor · Specialist

Lou DePasqua

Auction Advisor · Specialist

Emmett Guthrie-Swiatek

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