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2022 Auctions

December 2022 Military Auction
December 2022 Guns, Ammo, & Taxidermy Auction
Deecember 2022 License Plate Auction

Military Relics

Guns, Ammo & Taxidermy

Vintage License Plates

November 2022 Annual Fall Classic auction

Annual Fall Classic

October 2022 Fine Arts Auction
September 2022 Guns & Military Auction
August 2022 Badge Collection Auction

Fine Art

Guns & Military Antiques


August 2022 License Plate Auction
July 2022 Guns & Military Auction
June 2022 Coin-op, Early Inventions, Old West Auction

License Plate

Guns & Military Antiques

Early Invention & Coin-op

June 2022 Old West Auction
June 2022 Neon Sign Auction
May 2022 Guns & Military Auction

Old West

Neon Sign

Guns & Military

April 2022 Chicago Joe's Auction

Chicago Memorabilia 

April 2022 Annual Spring Classic

Annual Spring Classic

March 2022 APS Invention & Technology

Invention & Technology

2022 February FineArts Auction

Fine Art

March 2022 Antique Music Auction

Antique Music

2022 February General Antique auction

Antiques & Collectibles

Jan 2022 Guns & Military Auction

Guns & Military

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2021 Auctions

Dec 2021 Phonograph Auction

The Howard Hazelcorn
Phonograph Collection

November 2021 Fall Classic

Annual Fall Classic

October 2021 Vintage Americana Auction

Vintage Americana

September 2021 Guns & Military Auction

Guns & Military

August 2021 Pen Auction

Limited Edition Pens

June 2021 Guns Blades and Military

Guns & Military

2021 May CoinOp Auction

Annual Spring Classic

July 2021 Donley Vintage Americana and Western Auction

Vintage Americana
& Western

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1953 Willys M38A1 US Korean War Military Jeep

Military Vehicles
Military Vehicles
Sold sign

SOLD 2017 & 2018

Sports cars
Antique Cars
Double Dewey Coin-op
Antique Amusement Park Rides
Antique Lamps

SOLD - 2016


One item or entire collections!

Musical Instruments, phonographs, firearms, military items, coin-op, petroliana, classic cars, architecture, bars/back bars, etc. We can sell your high quality treasures for top dollar.​
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