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SOLD! $650! WWII German Navy U-Boat Gun Sight

WWII German Navy U-Boat 5x 14 Zeiss 88mm Gun Sight

This Kriegsmarine 88mm deck gun sight is marked "A. Z. schr. E. C 6 5x 14° with Zeiss Code "rln". The optics has clear and has grid cross hairs which can be adjusted by turning ring near eye piece. Lens has knob for blocking image from view below the eye piece. This may have been used to keep direct sunlight from eye as needed. The front lens has hinged cover at snaps into place. Has big Eagle over M and serial number. This sight shows age and wear and much of the original "Battleship" gray paint. They were used on U-Boat deck guns and other surface ships of the German Navy. This is an ultra rare offering of U-Boat used material.

This great piece of history sold for $615 at the February 18, 2024, Militaria Auction at Donley Auctions.


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