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SOLD! Victor Eldridge Johnson Type B Trademark Phono

This rare desirable machine sold for the record-breaking price of over $21,000 on Wednesday June 14, 2023 at Donley Auctions in Union, IL. It has its original finish, and its oak cabinet is in very good condition. Cabinet features the coveted fleur de lis design on two sides of the cabinet. All the beaded molding on the base is nicely in tact as well. Has its early "pre-dog" Victor Eldridge Johnson ID tag. Has an original Eldridge Johnson New Century long throat reproducer in good condition with some minor wear. The wooden tone arm has its original finish and hardware all in good condition with some minor surface rust.

The lower cast iron support bracket and spring housing have their original nickel plating in good condition with some very minor wear and a few rust spots. Has its original winding crank, record hold down and bolt action style break all in good condition with the usual wear and some minor rust spots. Motor winds and runs.

Has its original cast iron turntable with its original wool felt in good condition. Has its 14-3/4" black and brass horn with a 9-1/4" brass bell. The brass bell is in good condition with a very minor wrinkles and is tarnished with a few spots. The body of the horn has its original black paint and bold gold stripe. The horn also has its early style joinery.

The small end of the horn is fitted with its original leather elbow. This elbow is hard and fragile with a bit of electrical tape applied to it but is in otherwise good condition for its age. 9-1/2" X 9-1/2" at the base by 4-1/4" T.

Another example of a good honest machine from the Wayne Wolf Collection. Interesting note, this machine was purchased by Wayne Wolf several years ago at auction from the Larry Schlick Collection.


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