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SOLD! $4700! NASA Apollo Minolta 1 Degree Space Meter

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

This great piece of history will be up for auction in our special off-site auction in Arlington Heights, Illinois, beginning at 10am on Saturday, September 9, 2023. The Camera Collection of the International Photographers Hall of Fame in St. Louis will be up for auction by Donley Auctions in the former Village Bank & Trust building at 311 S. Arlington Heights Road in Arlington Heights, IL. You can preview the items on Friday, September 8 from noon-5pm and starting at 8am the day of the auction.

The Minolta Space Meter 1º was designed and manufactured by Minolta for NASA. The original space meter was first used on Apollo 8 on December 23, 1968, and Minolta space meters have been used on all NASA flights since. This is a prototype of the meters used by the Apollo 8 and subsequent NASA Moon missions. Donated to the International Photographers Hall of Fame by Minolta Corp. and its then president, Sadahei "Sam" Kusumoto.

Includes two Minolta cameras (an SR-2 and a Hi-Matic).


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