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SOLD! 1917 US Made 3" Mountain Howitzer -Demilled Cannon

**Pick up or 3rd party carrier only on this item.**

Check out this great cannon - Lot #2903 in our Sunday, May 21, 2023 Military Memorabilia Auction!

Cannon is dated 1917 on the top of breech. It was made in very limited numbers following the end of WW I by Bethlehem Steel Co. of Bethlehem PA. This particular gun was made for Argentina.

The specs are 48" barrel, wheel base 29". Overall length 85.5", Width 37.5", Height 35".

The breech and barrel are marked "No 3. 1917" and B.S.C. (Bethlehem Steel Co.)

Designed for mountain warfare it was made to be disassembled and carried by pack animals.

The wood spoke wheels are in good to fair condition.

It is missing the removable steel blast shields.

Cannon has been deactivated by having the breech blocked from the rear with two rebar bars welded to not accept shells and the breech block has been fully removed.

Breech block is well-marked with BSC and 1917 dates. The elevation works.

The top of the barrel near the breech has been cut with two vertical cuts and two horizontal cuts, and a piece of the barrel is fully removable.

The elevation crank works, the traverse works too, but needs to be oiled.

Top of rear of breech says mountain cannon in Spanish.

Approximate weight is 800 lbs.

The records of numbers made and delivered are very limited, but it appears this is number 3, making it extremely rare.

This great piece sold for $7,900 in our Firearms, Ammo, and Military Memorabilia Auction Saturday and Sunday, May 20-21, 2023.


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