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Shipping Policy


If you purchased a FIREARM, email copy of your local dealer's FFL to


After invoice is paid in full, it will be passed to our Shipping Department.

Standard Sized Items

Our Shipping Department will pack small items and send you an invoice from "Shipping Saint" for shipping and handling.  Please allow 7 to 25 BUSINESS days to pack items and quote cost.  We will do our best to work as quickly as possible.  Thank you for your patience!

Oversized Items

If item is too large to ship, we will send you a list of recommended transporters and/or crating companies.  It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to arrange transportation.  Please contact us at 815-923-7000 if you need any assistance.


For buyers out of the country, we will pack and ship small items.  However, no item can ship internationally through USPS or FedEx if it sold for over $2,499 (Item value).   Items exceeding the value of $2,499 will be required to ship internationally through a broker.  

Picking Up

If picking up, please let us know immediately or you may be charged for packing.  Email us at to confirm day and time for pickups.  We are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and by appointment only on weekends.  All items must be picked up from the auction house within 5 days.  Any items left over 5 days, will incur a storage charge of $20 per day unless prior arrangements have been made.  Items left after 30 days will be considered abandoned and sold to recover expenses.

Email -
Office - 815-923-7000

Thank you for your business!
Susan Hagerty, Manager
Donley Auctions

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