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Anthony Jones

gives Donley Auctions



Friendly, professional, and responsive. I had (still working on) an issue with a shipper who damaged an item I won. I immediately alerted the auction house and the next morning.The owner and shipping dept reached out immediately to help me work on resolving this issue. They sent me a link to help start the claims process to help resolve the issue. They were just as disappointed as I was, in the fact, the item left their shop in beautiful condition, only to not make it to it's destination intact . Now, this was not a negative reflection in their packing process, but a reflection on a certain shipping company's performance, which is not the fault of Donley Auction house. They were professional and quick to help me. They said should the shipping company fail to do their job and rectify the issue, they would help me find parts to replace what the carrier destroyed. I will buy from this auction house again.

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