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SOLD - $3750 - WWII German R71 Motorcycle W/Sidecar, Dnepr K-750

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

This WWII German Army R71 motorcycle and side car is made from original 1979 Dnepr K-750. It is set up as a WWII BMW R71 with machine gun mount and Wehrmacht gray paint scheme.

It will be lot #2175 on Sunday, September 24 at Donley Auctions Gun & Military Auction.

The stats are following: Has 221 original miles on it. 12 valve, 750cc, 2 wheel drive (side car axle turns with rear tire). Top end speed of 49 MPH. The kick start turns over and is not stuck at all.

The motorcycle has had all the fluids drained and it has been stored inside for over 12 years. The original owner put the original 212 miles on it at military reenactments. The original Russian tires hold air but the tires are cracked with age. Some of the rubber hoses have cracks.

It has a replica German fender license plate, original key, blackout canvas headlight cover, heavy duty sidecar vinyl and leather cover when no passenger is seated. The second "tractor" seat has a crack, the original Dnepr tires hold air, but the treads show age cracks. Has one matching fuel can that can be strapped to side car along with two ammo cans.

The sidecar two-piece seat is in good condition and can be removed for a large amount of storage behind seat. This is an excellent chance to have a head turning motorcycle for collecting, riding or for display.

Note: The next lot in this auction has a reproduction German machine gun that could be mounted on this motorcycle. A yoke attachment would be needed for final mounting.


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