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SOLD! 9 Three Disc Sets For Eroica Music Box

A Symphony of Discs: Eroica Music Box Sets Take Center Stage at Donley Auctions

Calling all music box enthusiasts and collectors of the unique! Donley Auctions is thrilled to announce a truly remarkable addition to our upcoming Radio & Phonograph Auction – a collection of Nine Three-Disc Sets for Eroica Music Boxes. This exclusive offering, taking place on [date of auction] at [time of auction], presents a rare opportunity to acquire a piece of musical history.

The Enchantment of the Eroica Music Box

The Eroica music box, produced by the renowned Symphonion Musikwerke company of Leipzig, Germany, was a marvel of mechanical engineering and musical ingenuity.  These intricate devices, often housed in beautiful decorative cases, utilized sets of discs with pins arranged in specific patterns to play a variety of melodies.

A Symphony of Sounds

This particular auction lot features nine complete three-disc sets, each potentially offering a distinct repertoire of tunes. Imagine the possibilities – waltzes, classical selections, popular melodies of the era – all waiting to be brought to life by the delicate touch of the music box mechanism.

A Collector's Dream

Whether you're a seasoned music box aficionado or simply appreciate the charm of vintage mechanical music, this collection presents a unique opportunity.  These Eroica music box disc sets could be:

  • In pristine condition, offering a chance to experience the original sound quality.

  • Sets for specific music box models, allowing collectors to complete their existing Eroicas.

  • A springboard for restoration projects, bringing the magic of music back to life.

Don't Miss Out on This Enchanting Opportunity!

The Nine Three-Disc Sets for Eroica Music Boxes are sure to generate excitement among collectors and music lovers alike.  Mark your calendars for the auction and visit the Donley Auctions website to view the catalog and register to bid.

Here's what you can expect:

  • A collection of nine three-disc sets for Eroica music boxes (specific melodies may vary)

  • A chance to own a piece of music box history

  • The opportunity to experience the magic of mechanical music

Don't let these enchanting melodies slip away! Visit today to learn more and secure your chance to bid!


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