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SOLD! Historic Sheriff James Glispin Colt Revolver Involved in Capture of Jesse James Gang

We were excited to offer the Colt 1860 Army 44 conversion revolver serial No. 2639 which belonged to Sheriff James Glispin of Watonwan County, Minnesota, who killed a member of the Jesse James gang.

This piece SOLD for $37,500 at our May 20 Firearms & Ammo Auction at Donley Auctions live in Union, IL.

After the famous Jesse James Bank Raid in Northfield, MN on September 7, 1876, Sheriff Glispin, with a posse, tracked down the remnants of the James-Younger gang near Madelia, Minnesota on September 21, 1876. In the ensuing gunfight, Sheriff Glispin killed Charlie Pitts, and the 3 Younger brothers were wounded.

The revolver is a .44 conversion in in good condition with wood grips. The back strap is engraved, “Sheriff James Glispin.”

Accompanying the pistol is a typed letter dated Feb. 20, 1951 signed by Mary Glispin (James Glispin’s granddaughter) stating that the revolver belonged to her grandfather James Glispin.

Also included is an extensive internet-based file of Sheriff Glispin and the story surrounding the Northfield Bank hold-up and a printed death photo of Charlie Pitts showing the fatal hole in his chest.

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