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Great Prices at the 2024 Geibel Ordnance Auction!

The March 16, 2024 Jim Geibel Ordnance Auction brought together ordnance collectors from across the world. Here are some of the great prices realized!

The Cold War US Davy Crockett W54 Nuclear Warhead sold for $13,000 to Greg Grams of the Volo Auto Museum, so you'll be able to go out there and see it while you're visiting all their great attractions!

The US AGM 22 AT Guided Missile-French Nord SS-11 sold for almost $4,000!

A WWII US MK II Practice Grenade MK 1A1 Full Crate sold for $2772!

The US 66MM M235 Law Rocket Set-M72 Training Pack M74 sold for $2394!


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