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SOLD! Engraved Colt 1889 "Navy" DA 38 Revolver (C) 16222

"1891" FACTORY ENGRAVED Colt 1889 "Navy" DA 38 .38 Colt Commercial Revolver in excellent condition. Exquisite scroll, ivy and floral FACTORY engraving with beautiful (and without any peeling) FACTORY Nickel plating.

The firearm looks unfired!! Incredible fire blued screws, hammer and trigger with vast majority of the finish remaining! VERY early production with a cylinder without stops, and inspection plate on right side of frame instead of left. Perfectly fitted FACTORY Mother-of-Pearl grip panels. Has a 6" long two line description barrel.

The cylinder was gold washed from the FACTORY with remnants remaining in the cylinders and on the front and back faces. Historically this model was very important to Colt, do to it being the first double action revolver with a swing out cylinder produced by the company!

The assembly number "376" is stamped on the cylinder, cylinder release, crane, frame and underside of the barrel. THIS FIREARM COMES WITH A COLT FACTORY LETTER SHOWING IT IS FACTORY ENGRAVED!! MFG 1891 C&R Eligible S/N: 16222


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