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Denon DP-59LQuartz Direct Turntable

Denon DP-59L Quartz Direct Drive Audio Lift Turntable System. Powers up and plays records. Audio appears to play low in level. Might need servicing. Case very good. The plastic lid has a few scratches. High-end turntable.

This will be lot #1124 in our Vintage Stereo and Audio Auction on May 11.

The Denon DP-59L Quartz Direct Turntable is a high-quality record player that was released in September 19841.

The DP-59L features an auto-lift mechanism that uses a contact-free structure, which does not affect rotational accuracy or arm sensitivity.

The turntable has a diameter of 32.5 cm, a wall thickness of 7 mm, and a weight of 2.2 kg.

A low center of gravity AC servo motor is used as the drive motor.

The servo circuit uses bi-directional servo DENON quartz for high-precision speed control.

The tone arm uses a dynamic servo tracer. It is equipped with an electronic Q-dump mechanism to eliminate the increase in crosstalk and ultra-low frequency noise.

The turntable measures 490 x 219 x 410mm and weighs 15kg.

It operates at speeds of 33.33 and 45rpm.

This turntable is housed in a beautifully finished cabinet with internal vibration insulation. It’s a testament to Denon’s commitment to quality and precision in audio technology.


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