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SOLD! $5,225 · 1907 City of Chicago Vehicle License Plate # 72

Updated: May 7

A Piece of Windy City History: 1907 Chicago License Plate Up for Auction at Donley Auctions.

Calling all history buffs and car enthusiasts! Donley Auctions is proud to present a unique piece of automotive history: a 1907 City of Chicago vehicle license plate #72.

This early registration tag offers a glimpse into the early days of automobile regulation and the Windy City's bustling streets over a century ago.

The Dawn of Vehicle Licensing:

In the early 1900s, automobiles were a novelty transitioning from luxury item to a more common sight. To manage this growing number of vehicles and ensure safety, cities began implementing licensing systems. Chicago, a major transportation hub, was no exception.

1907 in Chicago:

While details on the specific car associated with license plate #72 are unknown, we can paint a vivid picture of Chicago in 1907. The city was booming, with a population exceeding two million. The first automobile race, the Vanderbilt Cup, had taken place just two years prior, further fueling public interest in cars.

Imagine the cobblestone streets of Chicago navigated by this early automobile, its brass radiator gleaming and its occupants enjoying a novel form of transportation. Owning this license plate offers a tangible connection to that era.

A Collector's Item:

Early license plates are highly sought-after by collectors, with value increasing for low numbers and excellent condition. This 1907 Chicago plate presents a rare opportunity to acquire a piece of automotive history from a major American city.


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