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Civil War Colt Army Pistol Cartridges

A Civil War Game-Changer Arrives at Donley Auctions!

Fresh to the vault: unfired, waterproof cartridge packets for the legendary Colt Army Pistol used during the Civil War!

Before 1861, soldiers faced a perilous reload process in battle. Loose powder, bullets, and percussion caps were fiddly and time-consuming, especially under pressure. ⏳

These waterproof cartridges, developed just prior to the Civil War, were a major innovation.

They offered:

  • Faster Reloads: Pre-assembled cartridges meant soldiers could fire more quickly.

  • Improved Weather Protection: Sealed packaging shielded the powder from moisture, ensuring reliability in all conditions.

While not as widely used as their later metallic counterparts, these waterproof cartridges were a significant step forward in firearm technology.

This is your chance to own a genuine piece of Civil War history! Come on down on May 18-19 and you can bring it home from Donley Auctions. See you at the auction!

To learn more about the upcoming auction, visit us here, Guns and Militaria Auction!


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