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Mario Andretti's Race Car

Own a Piece of Racing History: Mario Andretti's USAC Championship Dirt Car Heads to Donley Auctions!

Gearheads and racing enthusiasts, prepare to be blown away! Donley Auctions is proud to announce the upcoming auction of a true collector's dream: a genuine NASCAR dirt race car piloted by the legendary Mario Andretti.

The car was built in the winter of 1970, by Grant King for Andy Granatelli of the STP fame. Mario Andretti was Granatelli's driver for 1970 in the car carrying the #1 for his earning the 1969 USAC drivers' Championship.  The car was built specifically to carry a Gurney Weslake Ford 320 ci pushrod motor, based on a Ford Boss 302 block.

The car was sponsored by STP Corporation and Firestone Tire and Rubber.

It carries the famed Day Glow Red paint scheme that Granatelli made so famous.

It features a Halibrand driveline and wheels with Firestone diamond and ribbed tires.

The car is a Dirt Champ car which ran on 1-mile dirt tracks. Races were 100 miles long.

The dash features autographs from Andy and Vincent Granatelli, Mario Andretti, Greg Weld, Wally Dahlenbach, and Johnny Parsons Jr. The signatures on the dash represent the drivers during the Granatelli/Patrick ownership.

U. E. "Pat" Patrick bought the car and team from Granatelli in the mid-seventies. They campaigned the car for several years before selling it to Marshall Aberle with Steve Cannon as his driver. The car sat for a number of years and was purchased by Jim York to be restored by his son, Pat, to its 1970 original livery.

This isn't just any race car. This machine roared to victory in the USAC Championship, a prestigious series that tested the courage and skill of drivers on dirt tracks across the nation. Behind the wheel, Mario Andretti, one of motorsport's most iconic figures, tamed the beast and emerged victorious.

The Andretti Legacy: From Dirt to Glory

Mario Andretti's story is one of pure racing passion. His career transcended boundaries, conquering not just dirt tracks but also the hallowed grounds of Formula One and the Indianapolis 500. He's the only driver to achieve this incredible feat, cementing his place in the motorsport hall of fame.

But it all began on dirt. This car you see here is a testament to Andretti's early brilliance, his ability to wrestle power and control from a machine purpose-built for kicking up dust and defying gravity. Owning this car isn't just about acquiring a piece of machinery; it's about acquiring a tangible piece of Andretti's legacy, a direct link to his roots and the foundation of his remarkable career.

More Than Just a Race Car: A Collector's Dream

This USAC Championship dirt car is more than just a fast vehicle; it's a historical artifact. It represents not only Andretti's triumph but also a bygone era of American motorsport. Dirt track racing was once a cornerstone of the sport, breeding legendary drivers who honed their skills on these demanding surfaces.

Owning this car allows you to be a part of that rich history. It's a conversation starter, a centerpiece for any collection, and a symbol of American racing excellence. Imagine the stories this car could tell, the roar of the engine echoing in your mind's eye as you stand beside it.

Don't Miss This Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

This auction at Donley Auctions is your chance to become the custodian of a true racing legend. Whether you're a die-hard Andretti fan, a motorsport enthusiast, or simply an admirer of automotive history, this car is an unparalleled opportunity.

Stay tuned to Donley Auctions for details on the upcoming auction. This piece of racing royalty won't last long, so buckle up and get ready to make a bid on a piece of motorsport history!


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