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Post Auction Sales

Items that did not sell at auction are still available.
Please call Randy Donley at 815-790-9435 for more information.

1925 Ford Model T Replica Popcorn Truck

1925 Ford Model T Replica Popcorn and Lunch Truck in very good running condition. There were only a few originally built and this is an exact duplicate built from original design drawings and original 1916 patent! - (both included).  Also included is a popcorn popper, hotdog steamer and a hotplate. The build is in it's final stages with parts included! Engine starts and runs, no glass in windshield.  


1936 Steyr Daimler Super Convertible

Super Rare, two-tone, 2-Door convertible mfd. by the Steyr Company in Austria.  They are still in business today, but stopped producing automobiles in 1940.

This beauty has a Chrysler Air flow look with solid steel wheels, protruding headlamps and exterior mounted spare tire. A unique feature is the flip out turn signals that are similar to the later VWs.  6 cylinder motor with a manual transmission.  Interior is in good condition as is also the material convertible top.  Appears to have had an older restoration that is starting to show some wear. A cool plus - purportedly this vehicle was a star in the 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade film.


Battery Gun Co. M1862 Gatling Gun .58 Cal (M)

A reproduction of the famous M1862 Gatling Gun invented by Dr. Richard Gatling, this Gatling gun is fixed on a full size 2 wheel cart. This Gatling gun follows in the footsteps of the original being a .58 caliber black powder gun with a cast brass/bronze receiver, crank, barrel fitting, and front sight. The original 1862 Gatling gun made its combat debut during the Civil War where the Union would utilize them during the Siege of Petersburg. The Gatling gun would be officially adopted after the Civil War and stay in American service until after the Spanish-American War. The gun mount features a screw with turn wheel to adjust elevation and a swiveling mount held fast by a brass pin. Gun mount is a steel square bolted to the brackets for the carriage. Green painted oak timbers have a few splits in the wood. The oak wheels have metal strips on edges to take the brunt of any impact. Black painted metal on carriage has a few minor paint chips on the handles at the rear. Steel strips show signs of use with some surface rust present. The gun itself has some very minor wear to finish. Steel rifled barrels have a black powder coat finish that is in fine condition with the exception of minor pitting at the muzzles of 2 barrels. Bronze retains its shiny luster with the plate atop the rear of the gun denoting model, manufacturer, and serial number. Some minor loss of black paint present on model plate. The .58 caliber bores are mirror bright and shiny with sharp, strong rifling. Some minor surface rust present on elevation screw and some tarnishing present inside hopper well. Brass screw slots are undamaged. One 20 round magazine present in the gun with some minor wear to black paint. This gun comes with a reloading press, a transportation crate with a serial number of 0051, a tackle box with ~197 reusable steel chambers for .58 caliber, and a crate containing 4 20 round magazines for the gun. An undeniable highlight to any firearm collection and a great opportunity to own a live firing, fully functional Gatling gun! Modern firearm, will require FFL. Measures 66"T (with magazine, 45"T without) x 50"W x 70"D. 

SN: 0035


Mutoscope's K.O. Champ Arcade Machine

Original 10 cent arcade machine manufactured by the Mutoscope Corp.  It's a boxing skill game circa 1955.  Has three figural characters, two boxers and a referee, all move by the controls on each end,  Wood cabinet has some lite wear.  Most graphics are good.  Dome has some lite wear.  Most graphics are good.  Dome has a couple small corner cracks (which most  have) that have been stopped by drilling a small hole at then end of the crack.  Everything moves as it should but has not been tested.  Overall good condition.  Here's your chance.  These machines seldom come to light and are sought after.  Get it now, " It's A Knockout1 "

50" T X 25" W X 50" D


Marbet Ray Miniature 3-Ring Circus w/Train

Enjoy all the glitz, glam, and spectacle of a live circus with this wonderful hand crafted miniature circus. Called the "Marbet Ray Circus", it was crafted by Ray "Sabu" Moreau. Depicting a 1930's horse drawn circus, it took Mr. Moreau over 30 years to create. He was an elephant handler and wrote books on circus elephants. After his passing this circus was displayed at the Circus Museum in Niagara Falls Ontario, until the museum closed. 

The main parts of this circus consist of a circus parade, 3 ring circus, and circus train. The circus parade is 18 foot long and consists of horse drawn wagons, camel drawn carriage, horseback riders, a pony drawn carriage, and so much more. The parade is on 12" square bases, that can be put into custom made storage boxes.

The 3-ring circus consists of an equestrian act, an elephant act, and in the center ring is a wild animal act, with a tiger jumping through a hoop. It features 21 big cats on their stools, with lion tamer. The horses in the equestrian act have hand made harness and fittings. The elephants each have hand made blankets and hats. The 3 ring circus has its main tent poles, and lots of accessories. 

The circus train is pulled by a Lionel 402 electric locomotive. The locomotive is just a shell, with no motors. The train consists of a flat car that can hold four wagons, and a horse car with modeled interior and ramp. 

There is a large variety of hand crafted circus wagons, including an open canvas wagon, closed canvas wagons, a generator wagon, band wagons, cage wagons, a Peter Pan float wagon, tableau wagons, a calliope wagon, a dog cage wagon, a Frigidaire polar bear advertising wagon. and a group of small cage wagons. The doors on the wagons open, and the covers for the cage wagons can be removed. 


1978 Alfa Romeo Spider Convertible

Mileage shown: 61,394, VIN 11541/0003523

A barn find that's been sitting for years. It appears someone started restoring it but never finished.  Looks to have original 4-cylinder double over head cam engine that is not running.  Pretty much needs a complete restoration - See photos


1984 Cadillac Eldorado 2 Door VIN#76431

An original white California vehicle with title.  Miles on odometer 00532.  A very solid vehicle with no noticeable rust.  Hood, doors and trunk lid edges are solid.  Under carriage is clean along with engine compartment.  New battery and fuel pump were just installed and in running condition.  Has all original wheel covers with good tires.  Vinyl top in good condition along with car exterior finish.  Vehicle will need most of the fender and bumper fillers replaced (which is common on these Cadillacs).  All glass in good condition.  The Cadillac has all the usual options.  Interior upholstery, carpet, dash, etc is in better than normal, good condition.  Overall a solid, good looking vehicle that needs some minor exterior work.


1979 Cadillac Eldorado 2 Dr Biarritz

An original red California vehicle with title.  Mileage on odometer 69,515.  A very solid vehicle with no noticeable rust.  Hood, trunk lid, door bottoms are solid.  Under carriage is very clean along with engine compartment.  The vehicle's exterior is in very good condition with just a few exceptions on some of the bumper fillers.  The vinyl top is good with a little spot on lower left rear corner by molding.  All 4 original wheel covers and tires are good.  The vehicle has all the Cadillac Biarritz options along with a stunning diamond tufted red leather and wood grain interior in excellent condition for age.  A new battery and fuel pump were just installed and is running.  With just a little work this car would be a real eye catcher.  A wonderful car to take to car meets.  


1977 Cadillac Eldorado 2 Door Coupe VIN#300438

An original light blue metallic California vehicle with title. Miles on speedometer 70,062.  A very solid vehicle with the only rust noticeable by left lower rear corner of vinyl top which is surface rust.  Trunk and hood edges are solid along with door bottoms.  The original finish is in good condition for age.  It does have a small dent on rear of trunk lid.  The bumper fillers, front and back have been replaced but not totally installed or refinished.  Vinyl top in good condition.  Has original wheel covers with good tires.  Under hood is clean with new battery and fuel pump.  Exterior finish has a few light scuffs and scratches and all glass is in good condition.  The vehicle has the usual Cadillac options.  The leather seats and carpet are in very good condition for age with just a few minor leather cracking on driver's seat.  Overall very nice interior.  A clean, solid, presentable running car.  


Edison Diamond Disk Phonograph

This machine has a older refinish job but otherwise all original.  Runs and plays.


Victor 16 Floor Model Phonograph

Overall nice Victrola.  Winds and plays.  Cabinet has minor scuffs and scratches but would polish up very nicely.  Carved corners in good condition. Gold plating on tone arm is very worn and dirty.  Exhibition reproducer needs a rebuild.  Still sounds good however.  


2004 CLK 500 Mercedes Benz Convertible

88,273 miles on odometer - runs and has clear title. Body and paint in very good condition with only a few light scuffs and scratches and no noticeable rust, dents or dings. Appears to have been garage kept as convertible top is basically good condition although will need repair near rear window. Tires are fair, under hood and trunk are very clean - interior looks clean and window glass looks good all around. Overall fair to good condition

More items available.
Please call Randy Donley at 815-790-9435 for more information.
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